Anal Douche

Anal douche case: Anal sex is all about insertion and the stimulation of erogenous zones. Once mastered, it can become one of your most favorite experiences when making passionate love. Nothing beats the feeling of being ruled over and being told what to do.

But, we care about your safety and health when you make use of our sex toys and products. We always make sure that your well-being comes first. After all, you cannot have fun when you do not feel right! Staying safe will give you and your partner some peace of mind.

This is where our anal douches come in. These products are made with only one purpose in mind – to remove and eliminate any wastes in your anus before you start anal penetration. This should be done to make sure that your nights remain steamy and hot.

How do you anal douche?

The main anal douches are pre-filled store-bought shower douches, a water bag douche, a bulb douche, and enema. You will find which ones will fit you best by understanding the principles of proper use. It is highly advised that you keep it simple. You only need to clean a few inches, not your entire anal cavity. Contrary to popular belief, only a minimum amount of preparation is needed. Do not try to squeeze in voluptuous amounts of water.

Is anal douching considered safe? What are the risks of over-douching?

Cleaning with too much water, with too much force, or cleaning too deep can cause a lot of complications and problems like incomplete contraction of the colon/rectum, elevated mucus production, and douche dependency. All of these complications will eventually lead to chronic constipation. The anal sphincters are the muscles that keep everything inside and continuous pushing will lead to muscle injury.

You should remember that douching with enemas that are prepared commercially creates a lot of dryness and mucus in the area, which called bleeding, cracking and cell damage. This leads to easier passing of STD like HIV, etc. Hence, you should always limit anal douching whenever you can.

Our line of anal douches is made in such a way that these problems will be minimized. It is very important to clean these parts or else the steamy sex session might turn very ugly. Our anal douches are made of the highest-grade materials that will minimize dryness and cracking of the anal area. Head over to our website right now and start shopping!