Anal Hook

Anal hook case: There is nothing more fascinating than BDSM; it is the most preferred and safest way to fulfill fantasies and fetishes that might seem uncanny and peculiar to most people. Our collection of BDSM sex toys are designed to deliver exactly that. You can be sure to achieve satisfaction and pleasure with the help of our anal hooks.

Prostate hook are devices that have been existing for a long period of time. During medieval times, bdsm hooks were used as torture devices. Today, there are used to stimulate a pleasurable sexual experience.

Most prostate hooks are designed to be similar. They are shaped like ‘J’ or ‘U’. One end is for insertion while the other is fitted with a ball for that extra stimulation. One end remains outside the body. Our line of prostate hooks is made with surgical-grade stainless steel, which helps you to keep them sanitized and clean.

How is prostate hook used?

Ass hook are used anally, mostly. Others might use the hooks on the vaginal areas. While there is nothing wrong with it, it is highly advised against it; anal hooks are not shaped for vaginal purposes and will likely slip out.

You might not find a lot of information on how to use an anal hook, mostly because it is a new thing. But you can use these hooks just like a dildo or butt plug. With the correct positioning, you might also sense double penetration with these devices. You just have to be sure to check that the external part of the butt hook is positioned in a comfortable manner, and is not digging in or rubbing other parts of your body.

Why do people make use of anal hook?

Most people ask that if butt hooks can be used as a butt plug, why use it at all? The reason is hard steel. Butt plugs are made of flexible materials that can adapt according to the insides of your anus; anal hooks are hard and will not change its shape. Hence, bdsm hook are a huge favorite for advanced people. The way you place your ass hook will dictate how restrictive your movement will be and force you to stay still.

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