Fox Tail Anal Plug


Fox Butt Plug

A fox tail butt plug comes with a tail that is attached to the butt plug for a more wild and seductive feeling. It is a must-have to bring up the kink factor with your partner. The tenderness of the fox tail plug provides unexplored sensations in order to spice up your sex life by giving new dimensions to it. You can choose from the various customizable sizes and colors of fox tails, which accompany luxurious combinations, crafted exclusively for all its users.

Structure of a Fox tail butt plug

Various types of anal plug tail butt plugs are present in the market. They have different sizes and shapes, such as in the shape of a bulb, teardrop, neck or tunnel butt plug etc. Butt plugs have a flared base to prevent any kind of serious injuries. The tip of the bulb is usually narrow or round, slowly widening in size until a point. Below this point, the tail butt plugs becomes narrow and culminates into a neck shape (the thinnest point) at the end. This neck point is where the butt plug will get hugged by the anal sphincter on full insertion. The base of the butt plug can also be round in shape replicating a prostate massager dildo.

Uses of a Fox Tail Anal Plug

Fox tail plug is crafted for those individuals who have a thing for furry tails. Wearing a sex toy like this will make you look like a she-fox or he-fox giving you a more sensual and wild look. This look is very luxurious and helps in giving surprisingly new sensations to its wearer. You can wear a fox tail butt plug for some solo play, kinky private parties, or for playing some erotic games with your own partner. The fox anal plug has a very natural and different movement and just the touch of the tail between the legs makes you feel aroused.

Other details of Fox Tail Plug

The fox tail is generally 13 to 15 inches approx. in length, excluding the plug. You can customize the size of the butt plug you desire to buy. You can also opt for a detachable butt plug, which is a great feature especially for those people who would be trying a fox tail butt plug for the very first time. Be it a fetish event or the bedroom, you can wear it anywhere. You can clean this product with some water and mild soap or a toy cleaner detergent.

How to choose between a real fox anal plug and the false one?

To do away with the confusion of whether to use a real or a faux fox tail sex toy, keep this thing in mind that no fox is harmed during the making of these products. The real fox tail is used from a fox that died from car accidents or natural causes. The faux ones are usually for those people who do not want to use a product that uses an animal’s tail in its making. So, do check the type of the fox tail before purchasing.

Where to buy these fox tail sex toy products?

You won’t find fox tail butt plugs in a local sex toy shop. The most hassle-free way of purchasing it is from an online adult store. This also ensures you can do a search in complete privacy and choose from the various options available on sale. You can easily go through the reviews and buy a product according to you suiting by doing a seamless comparison of them.

Which anal lube to use with fox tail plug?

As the anal area doesn’t lubricate on its own, so it is imperative to apply anal lube right before you use a fox butt plug. The best anal lube that you can use is the one that has a water base which provides a relaxed anal area as well as an easy penetration without posing any risks. There are many anal lubes available in the market that are easy to get rid of if they get on the fox tail butt plug. These lubes do not irritate the skin and can be used without any hassle. Avoid using a silicone-based lube as the fox tail can get ruined.

How to take care of the fox butt plug

Try not to pull on the tail or do not bend it excessively, because that would break the tail and it won’t get repaired thereon. So try to treat this product will utmost care. Remove the fox butt plug from use not by the tail but from the plug only.

Do not submerge the tail in liquid as it can easily break due to the water’s weight. It is recommended not to wash and clean the entire tail, but if at all you do it, you can try by squeezing the excess water from the tail so that your tail doesn’t get ruined and afterward you can hold the tail to support it when you lay it flat to make it dry. You can use a blow dryer (set on low heat) to increase the drying process. Just make sure you do not hang the tail when it is wet. Brush the tail to reshape the fur once it gets fully dried.

How to store  & use the fox tail butt plug?

As the tails are fragile in nature, keep it from outside the reach of pets and children to prevent it from getting crushed. Do not consider hanging the tail as it will get damaged. If you really want to hang it, hang it by the plug and not by the tail to properly store the fox anal plug.

A fox tail butt plug or any other butt plug for that matter comes with a flared base. The base has such a feature because there is a huge risk of the butt plug slipping off deep into the anal canal and moving further up the colon. The person using it can go through major bodily harm if a thing like this happens. This is the prime reason that a flared base is used in it because it helps the product from not being inserted deep into the anal canal. Additionally, it also makes the retrieval of the butt plug possible.

So, now you know what a fox tail anal plug is and what are various pointers that one needs to keep in mind while shopping for it and it’s after use. You should do the proper cleaning and storage of this product after you buy it. You can use a fox tail butt plug to spice up your sex life and rekindle the romance with your partner in new and exciting ways. In addition to this, the tail also comes in a variety of colors to choose from.