Hollow Butt Plug | Tunnel Butt Plug

Are you bored with your regular sex life? Do you wish to experience deepened fantasies? If yes, then this sex toy is all you need. If you have a desire to experience a pleasure never experienced before, then hollow butt plug is the perfect choice for you. 

This anal play instrument is an advanced sex toy for those enthusiastic couples who are willing to take things forward. It has the potential to satisfy your kinky desires. Look out for the amazing choices available out there if you believe that you deserve the next level experience

How to safely use Tunnel anal plugs?

Butt plugs are very prominent anal play toys. They are the most pleasurable instruments to experience unexplored anal play either with your companion or alone. These plugs generally have a conical shape. They are particularly used for stretching out the anal section for the stimulation of the external and internal nerve endings.

These plugs can be left inside for a longer duration depending on the experience level, size, and play type. Hollow butt plugs are the most popular type of butt plugs. These products are like standard products only. It has a rounded as well as a narrow tip, which makes it very easy to insert. It has a flared base, which gets locked in the right location.

The removal and insertion of these plugs is very easy and it ensures that it stays in a particular position only, even if you play a little rough. These butt plugs are of high quality and have a flat foundation. It means that a person can wear them for a long duration and can use it comfortably while walking or sitting.

Tunnel butt plugs can be worn in public as they cannot get noticed if you are fully clothed. Dissimilar to a speculum, which is a very risky toy, hollow butt plugs is a convenient as well as a safe way for exploring the insides of your companion.

When a hollow plug gets inserted, it gives a visual, unobstructed, and complete access to the rectum insides. The main purpose of using a hollow butt plus is to expose the inner self. It is a mind-blowing way of exploring anal play.

Features and uses of a tunnel butt plug

These plugs are particularly used for anal stretching as well as training. Toys, fingers, probes, and different kinds of objects can get inserted easily because of the complete openness of the hollow butt plug. For people obsessed with sexual fixation and those who love losing the control over the functions of the body, these butt plugs are the best equipment.

This feeling can be extremely erotic for the people who experience it. Hollow butt plugs are non-porous, flexible, and firm in nature. To make your sexual experience more pleasurable, it has different kinds of ribs and textures.

Tunnel butt plugs especially the silicone ones are perfect for the people with skin sensitivities and allergies. The best thing about these plugs is that they can be used with both silicone and water-based lubricants.

For how long can a hollow/tunnel anal plug stay inside?

You must have viewed videos where people wear butt plugs to places like shopping mall, school, and work. This may seem very cool but you need to be very careful with the prolonged use of the tunnel butt plugs as it can be very pernicious to your health.

A simple guideline states that a person should not wear a butt plug for more than 3 hours at once even if he or she feels erotically charged. The area close to your sphincter can get prone to a reduced flow of blood when a lot of pressure is exerted for long hours. If this continues to happen, then there is a possibility that you will have to suffer from the problem of ulcers.

Your rectum may also get damaged. If you think that after plugging out you can get relieved from the pain and discomfort, then that is not entirely true as the pain may not go away for a long time. There are no receptors of pain 3 inches below the rectum, so even if you don’t experience any kind of ache still there are some portions feeling uneasiness. 

This is the reason why your anal play should have a restricted time period. Never let hollow butt plugs remain plugged in while you are asleep as it is the worst thing that you can do to yourself. The receptors of pain don’t work while you are asleep. Hence, you will never get to know what damage it may have caused until you wake up.

Hollow Butt Plug Conclusion

So, these were some of the things to be kept in mind about the hollow butt plugs. If you are looking forward to spicing up your sex life, then hollow butt plugs is what you need to buy. It is necessary for you to do proper storage and cleaning of this product once you purchase it