Butt Plugs For Men or Males

If you are wondering whether men also use butt plugs, then the answer is yes, they do. In fact, you would be surprised to know that it is not so uncommon for men to use a butt plug regardless of their sexuality. Straight and gay men have enjoyed the pleasures of wearing a butt plug by themselves as well as when they are with their partners. Here you will find the best butt plugs for men there is in the market.

Male Butt Plug

Wearing a butt plug while engaging in sex with someone else or even if you are alone has proven to intensify the orgasms to a whole different level. It is a common misunderstanding that a butt plug is solely for women when men can also enjoy it just as much.

Butt Plugs for Men

Contrary to the popular belief, men who are not gay can also enjoy a butt plug.  Straight couples have also experimented with a butt plug. The butt plug for men and women are the same, there is no such difference. However, there are some guidelines that you should follow if you and your partner plan on using the same butt plug.

Which anal lube to use for Anal Plugs For Men

The lubricant that you choose depends on what the toy is made up of. A general rule that everyone tries to follow is to choose a lubricant that is based on water. Although the water in such lubricants tends to get absorbed, if the toy is in use for more than 10-15 minutes, this makes it a little uncomfortable to take the plug out.

There are generally three types of lubricants: oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based. The basic properties like the odor, slipperiness, and the duration for which it lasts differ in all three types. Certain lubes like the ones that are silicone-based do not go well with butt plugs that are silicone-based as well. It tends to melt the butt plug, which could pose some serious health risks if it happens while you were using it.

Water-based lubricant

They are much easier to clean and also are the most versatile among the others. The best part is that it works well with all kinds of butt plugs, whether a man is uses it or a woman. You have to keep in mind that they do dry out pretty quickly since the water dries up, so you will need to apply the lube maybe a couple of times for things to go smoothly.

Silicone-based lubricant

Silicone-based lubricants are not only silky and smooth but also you won’t feel the need to keep reapplying them as they tend to last a long time. However, you have to keep in mind that silicone-based lubricants cannot be used with butt plugs that are also made of silicone. They tend to dissolve and it could lead to health problems that would be very awkward to explain.

Oil-based lubricant for Male Anal Plugs

Since an oil-based lube is thicker than water and silicone-based lube, they provide better lubrication for longer duration. But with the oil-based lube, you have to know that they cannot be used with butt plugs or even condoms that are made out of latex. They are also harder to clean as they are oil-based.

All three types of lubricants are meant for different people to choose, based on their liking and for how long they use it. For example, if the butt plug is not going to be used for a long time then a water-based lube should be sufficient.

How to safely use Anal Plugs For Men

For someone who has never tried anal sex before, it can be confusing to figure out how to safely use a butt plug. You could easily cause an injury if you don’t take the proper measures so, it is important that you go through the instructions one time.


The first thing that you have to take care of, which is the most important part is to clean yourself up. To do this, it is recommended that you clean your bowel by going to the bathroom. Afterward you can take a shower and clean your rectum by inserting a finger.

People also like using douche bags so there is no awkward smell or anything of that sort. Do not use a lot of soap while cleaning yourself as it could cause irritation, which can be a problem for you wanting to enjoy the butt plug experience to the fullest.


Using a good anal lube and using lots of it is very important especially if this is the first time that you are trying this. The rectum has a lot of nerve endings and the anal tissues are pretty sensitive, which means that the experience could be amazing and one of a kind if done correctly.

The sensitivity of the tissue also means that you will have to be careful and take it slow so you don’t end up hurting yourself. Unlike a woman’s sexual organs that produce natural lubricant, there is no such lube produced by the rectum or the anus so it is very important that you are free with the amount of lube you use.

It is recommended that you use lube in between and also if you feel the need for it. Not only do you want the butt plug to go inside smoothly, you want it to come out just as smoothly as well.

Using the Male Butt plug

Now that you are ready to use the butt plug, insert it into your rectum after applying a generous amount of lube on your rectum as well as on the butt plug, Push out your anal muscles like you would if you were pooping to make the butt plug easily slide in.

These are some of the tips that would be beneficial for men who want to use butt plugs as well as for women who want to try it out. You just have to take care of the hygiene and take it slow so you can reach the next level of orgasm that would make you want to use the butt plug again and again. """