Sex Pillow | Sex Wedge

Sex wedge pillow

If you are a sexually active person, you would have used almost every piece of furniture in your house for exciting positions. But did you know that you can try even more new positions with the help of a sex pillow?

Sex pillows will help you discover new positions and allow more room for experimentation with your partner. Additionally, a sex wedge pillow will also allow for comfortable sex if you and/or your partner have conditions like arthritis, back pain, or even mismatched body sizes and shapes.

How are sex pillows different than an ordinary pillow?

As most of you already know, having a few pillows will achieve some sexual positions. But a fucking wedge pillow will offer you much more than an ordinary pillow. Here are some reasons why:

  • Regular pillows are not meant to support the entire weight of you and your partner. They tend to lose shape, which is one of the reasons you will need to use several of these. Also, normal pillows lack support, which can be quite an uncomfortable experience.
  • Fucking pillows are made from high-density and fully supportive foam. If you have seen an ad on memory foam, you will see that an indentation is formed when you press your hand on it. But the mattress will not lose its shape and the impression bounces back slowly. While having sex or even sleeping, memory foam will provide more support than feather pillows.
  • These sex wedge pillows are heavier and denser than a regular pillow, which is great for getting into a sexual position. If you have a storage problem, you can opt for an inflatable position pillow; this type of sex pillow can be deflated and stored anywhere with ease.

Sex Cushion aka Fucking Pillow Summary

On our website, we have in store a lot of different types of sex wedge pillows for you, including the Liberator Ramp/Wedge Combo pillow; this particular ramp/wedge pillow doubles up as a couch as well. All these products can be found on our website for a very competitive price range. Additionally, our delivery system is fast and discreet; we ensure that the product will reach your doorstep silently.