Stainless Steel Metal Anal Plug

Stainless Steel Butt Plug

A stainless steel butt plug or any metal anal plug is a type of butt plug that appeals to a specific type of customers who like the cold, smooth, and stiff feeling of it. Butt plugs come in a wide variety of types that are made with different materials like some are made out of durable glass while others are made out of latex such as the inflatable plug or silicone such as the silicone anal plug. Using a butt plug can really help bring back some passion into the boring sex life of a couple or even an individual. 

This type of stainless steel anal plug or metal butt plug is heavy when compared to other butt plugs that are made out of soft and light materials like silicone or latex. The heaviness ensures the feeling of something being inside the anus.

Some of the users really like the cold feeling of it as well as it enhances the whole experience for them. It could also be warmed up by putting it in warm water if the user wants it to be that way. Whatever the reason be, you can choose from the wide range of plugs that we offer from our website. You can find them in various colors, shapes, and sizes on our website

The metal butt plug is even heavier than the glass anal plug. It is very stiff and can be sterilized pretty easily. Since they are made out of metal, you can be assured that they will last you for a long time. The smooth finish of the product ensures that the butt plug slides in easily and comes out just as easily.""

How to store the Metal anal plug

Once you are done using the metal butt plug, you will clean it up to make it hygienic and then store it. The storage part is not given as much importance as it should be. The storage part is just as important as the cleaning part is. You need to make sure that you are keeping your sex toys separate from one another. This way no infection or bacteria of any kind will be exchanged.

Nowadays, most of the anal sex toys like stainless steel butt plug or hollow butt plug come with their own pouch that you could use to store the plug in. If you didn’t get a personal pouch for it then using something like a cardboard box or even an envelope is perfectly okay.

A lot of the users want to hide it out of sight as they are afraid someone might stumble upon their toy. To avoid this from happening, you could also purchase boxes in which you could lock the stainless steel butt plug.

Where to buy a Stainless Steel Anal Plug from?

There are mainly two options available if you want to buy a stainless steel butt plug or a butt plug, in general.  You could order the product online. If you plan on doing this, make sure to check the reviews and the ratings of the product before you purchase it as you will not want to be stuck with a cheap knock-off.

You could also go to a sex toy shop and see the product for yourself to analyze whether a metal/stainless steel butt plug is for you or not. Since steel is much heavier than even the glass butt plugs, it is not for everyone. It is better to see all the sizes and select the one that you feel is right for you rather than ordering a size too small or too big.

Even though most of the users prefer ordering the products online so there are no awkward conversations or judgments from strangers, it is much better if you can check it out first.

Other details - Metal butt plugs

There are some small details that you should take care of to ensure that the butt plug remains hygienic for you to use and lasts you for a long time to come.

The first thing that you have to be sure about is that the butt plug is cleaned properly after you use it. It is recommended that you wash it with warm water so all the extra matter that is on the steel butt plug can be washed away.

You could fill a bowl or the basin with warm water and add a few drops of an anti-bacterial soap to it. Washing it properly should remove all the bacteria from it and it should be safe to use. Make sure to use a condom on it if you and your partner both use it.

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