Animal Tail Plugs

An animal tail butt plug usually has an animal tail attached to a butt plug. This adds a little extra icing on the cake and makes you feel kinky all the more. The softness of the tail between the legs helps you explore some wilder and erotic sensations that you never experienced before. If you want to feel like a graceful animal in bed, choose from the various types of animal tails used with butt plugs to experiment with your partner. 

Tain Anal Plug

Tail plugs are a type of anal sex toys that are gaining popularity all around the world. They are pretty simple to use. The main purpose of using an animal butt plug is to enjoy the stimulation without having to use your hands for a long period of time. People prefer to use this product as using their hands for a long period can be tiring. The tail butt plugs stay in place and provide the user enjoyment for hours on end.

People use tail anal plugs when sex becomes too monotonous for them or when they simply want to spice up their sex lives. For many people, using tail butt plugs can seem very kinky, naughty, and wild. But, there is nothing wrong with trying something new to keep your sex life interesting. To put it simply, they are similar to a prostate dildo but are used for the rectum instead.

What is a Tail Butt Plug made of?

A tail butt plug can be made of many different materials, but the most common material is latex. Other materials that are used include neoprene, silicone, metal, wood, glass, stone, and many others. Silicone is good as it can be easily disinfected in boiling water.

A tail anal plug is popular nowadays because the long tail allows the user to have maximum control of the tail ass plug and thus increase the pleasure. Quite similar to the penis plug that is used by men.The butt plugs can be inserted and ejected over and over again for pleasure. It is perfectly possible to satisfy the rectum with a finger or two but using a tail butt plug that too an animal styled one makes the whole experience much more fun and wild.

All you need to know about Tail Plugs

Animal tail anal plugs is an interesting and recreational way to spice up your sex life. These are not the same things as anal plugs as they are meant to be used for medical purposes whereas the purpose of a tail anal plug is to satisfy your sexual desires. They are a type of butt plugs that can be inserted into your rectum for sexual pleasure.

Not everyone is into this kind of kinky stuff but those who enjoy experimenting really like butt plugs.  A tail ass plug comes in various shapes and customizable sizes meant to cater to different types of customers, including both beginners and pros. The tail of the butt plug also comes in different colors.

A tail plug is one of the types of butt plugs that are used for sexual gratification. The only thing different about this type is that it comes with a long tail that looks similar to the tails of certain animals. Apart from adding to the look, the tail also helps to have control over the butt plug, in case, it gets uncomfortable.

Types of Animal Butt Plug

An animal tail butt plug is not only used for role-playing or before anal sex. It can be used for having vaginal sex, which will help you for multi-orifice stimulation. The tail can be of a fox, cat, rabbit, etc. Read on to know more about the types of fox tail butt plugs and how to use them efficiently:

Fox tail butt plug - The tail of a fox feels majestic on wearing. It transforms you into a he Werewolf or she wolf. You can use a lube that uses water as a base as a silicone lube will break down a tail butt plug made of silicone. You can buy a faux fox tail butt plug if you are an animal-lover. Additionally, some of these butt plugs come with an extra feature i.e. they vibrate.

Horse tail butt plug - If you want an animal butt plug that resembles a whip, is also very classy, or if your favorite animal is a horse, go for a horse tail butt plug. This type of a horse tail butt plug is easy to clean given its non-porous nature.

Bunny Tail Butt Plug - If you want to indulge in some bunny action or if a rabbit is your most-liked animal, you can easily go for this animal butt plug. It is ideal for those people who are starting to experiment with tail butt plugs as the tail is usually small and hence, manageable.

Cat tail butt plug - Add an erotic appeal in your foreplay by using this kinky kitty butt plug. It is smaller in size and can be very well used by beginners. Kitty butt plugs are ideal for women who want to impress their partners in bed with something unique.

Dog Tail Butt Plug - Wear a dog tail butt plug, to have some arousing action in bed. Growl away and invoke your inner kinkster to have some fun with your partner.  You can play cheetah while doing some anal play. You can also match your dog tail butt plug with lingerie for an added appeal.


Regular sex can become very boring and monotonous over time, which is why you need to figure out ways to spice it up every now and then. Getting a tail plug for you and your partner to experiment with can be a lot of fun. It would also add a lot of excitement to the sex, which is always good.

Most of the tail anal sex plugs come in a certain shape and size, which is very easily recognizable if you see it somewhere. It is wide in the middle and is thin towards the top. Also, attached is a flared bottom that stops the butt plug from getting sucked into the butt.

It would become very hard for someone to take out a dildo such as the horse dildo or something similar if it goes in too deep into the butt hole. In such case, the patients have to face a very embarrassing situation of having to go to the emergency room and explain what happened. There is a very easy way to avoid all of this by simply going for a tail butt plug. It can also be worn for long hours as it is very comfortable as well.

Tail butt plugs also come in different sizes so that newbies don’t have to worry about their rectum being too small or tight for big butt plugs. The variance offered in structure and their measurements also help in choosing the one that you like the most. If you are ready to experiment, you will surely find something that would serve you well.

The best part about using a tail butt sex plug is that you could use it again and again without having to get a new one. The only thing that you have to do is to get rid of the infections, which you could do by boiling the tail butt plug in water.