Rainbow Unicorn Butt Plug

Unicorn Butt Plug

Unicorn tail butt plugs are the butt plugs that come with a unicorn tail. This tail is usually colorful and on wearing, makes you feel like a unicorn and can be used to have anal play with your partner.

A unicorn butt plug throws away the monotony of a regular sex life, bringing something new to the table. The unicorn tail is a fun, silky and smooth product that is body-safe and is sure to provide you with some interesting sensations that were left unexplored before. The unicorn tail is a delightful, attractive, and beautiful tail that is sure to leave you in awe of this product.

How to use Unicorn Tail Anal Plug

Indulge in some role-playing with your partner or use the unicorn butt plug just by yourself if you want to experience something new and exciting. The long and flowing unicorn tail is sure to give you the feels and make you look like a beautiful unicorn. The product offers a great fit and should ideally be used with a water-based or a hybrid lube for smooth insertion.

Rainbow Butt Plug

Try to store unicorn tail butt plug away from direct heat so that the tail does not get damaged. Clean the product with some warm water and soap to give it a long life. Place it between your butts when you prepare to have anal sex with your partner. You can also wear it for longer periods of time without any trouble.

The unicorn butt plug comes in different sizes and colors to choose from. The color of the tail can be pink, purple, etc. While selecting a unicorn tail butt plug, just bear in mind that you select a butt plug that can lodge safely in between your butt without going deep into the anal canal.

Most of the unicorn butt plugs are so designed that they on wearing, they keep the butt plugs in place as you walk around in your unicorn tail. The unicorn tails are similar to the once that are found in hair extensions.

If the unicorn tail gets tangles, wash it properly and condition it in order to get rid of the tangles so that you can enjoy the experience with ease. These products are durable if kept with care and provide you and your partner with amazing sensations that you both are sure to remember.

How to take care of Rainbow Tail Anal Plugs?

Try not to pull the unicorn tail and carefully remove the butt plug after using the stopper provided on the butt plug specially made for this purpose. Pulling the tail will permanently damage the tail causing it to detach from the plug.

You can brush your tail in slow motion to take good care of the product. On doing this, the extra fur or fibers pulled out during its usage will be removed giving the tail a more polished look. Apart from pulling, avoid rolling or curving it so that its fibers don’t break due to the pressure application.

If you use a lube, prefer using a water-based one as it is easy to clean. Refrain from using a silicone-based lube if your unicorn butt plug is made of silicone. Plus, do not try to submerge the tail, because the tail can get separated from the butt plug due to the weight of water soaked by it.

Unicorn Tail Butt Plug

Whenever you clean the tail, try to spot clean it and use only the required amount of water. If you decide to hang your unicorn tail butt plug, make sure you hang it from the butt plug’s side so that the tail remains safe. The butt plug should also be put in a storage bag while doing so. Only its safe use will ensure that it lives a longer life.

Unicorn tail butt plugs offer you some newer and wilder experiences giving the thick and flowing tail it has. Now that you know how to use it, wash it and store it to get the maximum use out of it and have the time of your life with yourself or with your partner. Additionally, a unicorn butt plug is a unique butt plug as it is quite different from the regular animal butt plugs offering a dreamy yet very real feel to it.