Princess Plug

Princess Plug

Princess plugs are a type of butt plugs that are different than the rest. It has a special set of customers and tends to give that princess-like fancy feeling. It is basically the same kind of butt plug, just with a fancier name and a different look. They come in a range of prices and colors; there is one out for everybody. Some of the princess butt plugs have a gem at the end of them and come in girlish colors like pink and purple as well.

Princess Butt plug

Princess butt plugs are a type of butt plugs that are becoming popular. Butt plugs, in general, are used to add some spice and excitement to the sexual life of the user. Even something as exciting and fun as sex can become boring and monotonous over time, which is when people tend to go looking for excitement elsewhere. Usage of sex toys has often proved to bring back the excitement and passion that faded over time. There is a wide variety of butt plugs that you could choose from. They come in different shapes and sizes targeting beginners as well as pros or anything that comes in between. The butt plugs are made up of different materials like wood, latex, glass, or even silicone. One such type of butt plug is the princess plug.

Where to buy princess plugs?

You could either buy butt plugs or princess butt plugs in a sex toy store or online. Although most of the people prefer to buy such products online so they can avoid awkward interactions of any sort. There are many websites that offer a wide range of products. But, it is always better if you can check the product out for yourself before you make the investment. Since butt plugs are made out of a number of different products like wood, metal, silicone, glass, etc. It is best to see for yourself, which would be more comfortable and suitable for you. While you are purchasing a butt plug, it is recommended that you purchase a lubricant as well, you can never have too much of it. It is also recommended that you are careful of the lube that you buy as some lubes will irritate or cause skin burning. You should also be careful of the fact that you don’t use silicone based lube with a butt plug that is also made of silicone. Silicone on silicone can melt each other, in this case, the butt plug, which is not something you would want to happen while you are using it. There are many cheap knock-offs sold online so be careful when you choose one.  It is better that you invest in something a little bit more expensive but good if you are trying it out for the first time. What is a butt plug and how is it different than a dildo? A butt plug is supposed to go inside and stay there whereas the main purpose of a dildo is to provide pleasure by the in-and-out sensation. Butt plugs are shaped in a way that they are thick in the middle and slim at the top, it basically has a tapered shape. The neck is thin so that the sphincter can close up a little bit more and the plug can stay in there. You could wear the plug for long durations as well. Some people like to wear them and go out as it gives them a rush of excitement while others prefer to keep the butt plug inside their bedrooms only. Dildos are supposed to be like erect penises so they are thick from the start to the end. It is not the best feeling to have something as thick in your butthole as the sensations of the anus are different from a vagina. Unlike dildos, butt plugs, even the princess types have a curve that is not only supposed to stop the plug from sliding in but, it is also helpful in adjusting the butt plug if the need arises. How to take care of the butt plug No matter what type of butt plug you use, it is important that you take proper care of it so that it does not become home to infections and bacteria. The best way to go about it to have a clean soap and hot water ready by the time you are done using it. The last thing that anyone would want to do is to explain to a doctor how you got infected while using a sex toy. Cleaning the butt plug will not only help get rid of the smell but it would also eliminate the chances of you acquiring any sort of infections. It also helps to increase the life of the toy so you could use it over a long period of time. You could also use disinfectants on your plug. It is also recommended that you use a condom on it if there is more than one person who will be using the princess plug or any butt plug for that matter. How to safely use a princess butt plug The most common reason that people use butt plugs for is sexual gratification. But there are many other reasons for which a butt plug could safely be used. They are as follows
  • Prostate
If you have a problem of prostates then it is very beneficial that you massage it. Get a butt plug that is longer than others in length and is designed in a way so that it can reach your special area/spot.  There are special prostate plugs available as well, which are a little different than normal butt plugs.
  • G-spot
There is a wall that separates the vaginal shaft from your colon, which is quite thin. Some people use the princess butt plugs or any butt plugs to massage their g-spot. In order to achieve the maximum level of sexual gratification, some people also try double penetration, which means that they will also use butt plugs while they are being penetrated vaginally as well. It is a lot harder for a woman to cum than it is for a man. The butt plug makes it easier to reach some of the spots going from behind rather than the front.
  • Anal sex
Some people use butt plugs to prepare their back doors for full penetration. Although any type of butt plug like a princess butt plug could also be used, there are also specific ones which are just to prepare your anus. The butt plug is supposed to help the sphincter loosen up and open comfortably so that the penetration can happen with the least amount of discomfort. Make sure to use a lot of lubricant and go slow. Princess butt plugs are a fun way to experiment around in the bedroom. You should keep in mind that most of the princess style plugs are small in size, which is great for beginners but might not be same for everyone else. You will be able to find a butt plug in the princess style that you would like. Just make sure to use the correct lubricant with it and use lots of it. As long as you follow the instructions and go slow, you will surely have a great time and will want more butt plugs in different styles pretty soon. """

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